Choose a beach wedding and take your vows to the rhythm of the Wild Coast Sea rolling softly only a few feet away. Submerge your toes in the cool sand with the ocean waters swirling around your ankles, as the wedding photographer captures your happiest moments.

Imagine walking down an isle where the ground is literally as soft as sand, and where your husband-to-be is waiting, surrounded by the glow of the setting sun. And to the groom, imagine your beloved approaching you with the view of the ocean complimenting her exquisite beauty that will soon be yours to keep.

If you are charmed by the idea of a wedding on the beach, but sand is not your thing, then we can arrange for your ceremony to take place on the rocks leading into the ocean. Here the natural colour of the terrain is a beautiful compliment to your wedding.

There is also the option of having your wedding under the rustic thatched roof of the ocean-facing bar. This venue is ideal for rainy days.

Here at Kob Inn Beach Resort, your special day is sure to be as perfect as you have always dreamed.

Should you choose to enjoy your honeymoon at Kob Inn Beach Resort, there are many fun activities to bond over. Take a romantic horse ride on the beach and add a little adventure with a picturesque cycle.

Our conference venue can comfortably facilitate up to 30 delegates and is an ideal balance of quiet serenity and professional efficiency.Whether its team building or a more formal meeting environment you need, this Wild Coast resort will ensure its success.

Our conference venue not only boasts these necessities, but also supplies sufficient accommodation for all the delegates. Not only are all main meals provided, we also include a pre-lunch snack, consisting of muffins or biscuits and tea/coffee.

Our friendly staff in the fully-stocked bar right next door, are always on stand-by for drinks orders.

The hotel offers a shuttle service to and from the East London airport. To avoid numbers issues, please arrange for this service in advance.

Let's talk about the weather

The Wild Coast may be intriguingly rugged but its climate is somewhat less extreme. Even mid-winter swimming is made possible by the mild temperatures afforded by the ocean.


Summer brings with it glorious hot, sunny days and often finishes off with magnificent thunderstorms that are almost over before they begin. In winter, the weather is warm with almost no wind or rain.

In short, Kob Inn Beach Resort boasts blissful weather all year round.

A safe community

The positive impact of Kob Inn Beach Resort extends well beyond the borders of our resort. The surrounding communities have and continue to benefit greatly from our presence. Many people from surrounding communities work at Kob Inn and we are actively involved in upliftment initiatives.

We all take care of each other, which means that Kob Inn Beach Resort is not only the ideal holiday destination, it’s one of the safest too.This means that when we say ‘relax and enjoy’, we really mean it.